Sunday, 18 November 2012


Hey everyone! I thought I’d write a short story to de-stressed. Hehe. I picked a question from an SPM workbook and wrote a story based on a question there. My English is not perfect so if you spot any mistake, feel free to let me know. I’ll fix it. Don’t worry about copy and paste too. I don’t mind. Actually, this is a rather slow and boring story coz it has been a while since I last wrote anything. Huhuhuhuhu… TT______________TT So~, BE NICE! >….< Hehe… XD XD XD


Write a composition of about 350 words for the following topic:


Drip… Drip… Drip…

It was the sound of water dripping from somewhere above me. Judging from the time interval it took for the echo of the drops of water to fill the room or wherever I was, it must have dripped from someplace high. Was it coming from the ceiling of a closed room or maybe from one of the many stalactites in a cave? I was not sure. My eyes were blindfolded by a black cloth. I wonder how I ended up tied down and defenseless? I was even drugged causing me to feel ever so weak at that time. What a disgrace for a warrior!

Suddenly, I could hear the faint sound of footsteps some distance away from me. “It must be the abductors!” I thought to myself. I struggled to find the pocket knife I hid in my back pocket. It felt like forever for me to find the said knife. My heart was galloping and my hands started to sweat. I was getting nervous indeed as the sound of the heavy footsteps became much clearer as moments passed. “Got it!” My small heart cried when my right hand finally held the pocket knife firmly within grasp. With all of the strength I could muster, I tried to cut through the thick rope that was coiled around my wrist.

Snap! I was finally free! I took the blindfold off and inspected the surrounding for a few seconds before planning on my next move. I was indeed in a cave filled with stalactites. Ones that looked ever so sharp as if ready to pierce anyone below them. I tried to look for an exit out of the cave that was suddenly filled with such a dark and heavy aura. As I was about to run for my life, someone grabbed me from behind and pinned me down to the cold hard ground.

“Where do you think you were going, young lady?” A man clad in black whispered sinisterly in my left ear. “One foul move, I guess I have to cut your beautiful legs off,” he threatened me with a hiss. I tried to put up a fight with the little energy I had left, but he was too strong for a weakened me to do anything.

“It is such a shame you are one of those Warriors of Light. Otherwise, you would be a great toy,” he said followed by a maniacal laugh. Seconds later, the man mercilessly slammed me against the wall of the cave causing some of the stalactites above us to rattle. A great sensation of pain coursed through my whole body causing me to groan in agony. For once in my whole life, fear was slowly coursing through my veins. How I wish I did not let my guard down earlier that day. By this time, I noticed he had deep dark eyes that glistened with evil and long ultra black hair that smelled like blood.

 “Afraid are you not?” The man asked while looking straight into my eyes. It was evident that the feminine side of me was showing. I admit I was scared. I was scared of the worst case scenario. Out of the blue, a blinding white light illuminated the cave. I saw about six figures dashing toward where I was. They looked familiar, but I did not have to strength to keep my eyes opened to verify who they were then. I was out cold for a period of time.

I found myself awake in my room one fine morning surrounded by my fellow comrades. All of those who were called the Warriors of Light. They simultaneously breathed a sigh of relief and their seemingly sad frowns were immediately replaced with sincere smiles.

“Hey, are you okay?” A friend I was most fond of asked me and sat next to me as soon as I regained conciousness. He had mesmerizing green eyes, clear blond hair and beautiful fair skin. I nodded to him as a yes with a weak smile on my face. Then, he breathed a deep sighed of relief. “I am so glad you are okay. For a moment there, I thought I would never have the chance of asking you this,” he paused to take out a small white box out of his pocket.

“What is that?” I asked out of curiousity. For some reason, my heart was beating so fast. I could have sworn the whole room could hear it. I noticed from the corner of my eyes our comrades were smirking and somewhat looked like they were hiding something. “I wonder what are they hiding from me?” I wondered to myself. He then lifted his face and continued, “Constance, will you do the honour of becoming my wife? Will you live through happiness and hardships with me and stay with me no matter what sort of fool I will be in the future?” He was looking at me intently. Haddy, as I call him looked ever so hopeful. I could not help but smile at him while I murmured a silent yes. Who would have thought that we had mutual feelings for each other all this time? I guess it is true what people say, love comes when we least expect it.  

Phew! That’s about it! Hope it wasn’t that bad~… I tried my best~… TT_________TT
I was in quite a rush typing this coz the battery was dying and I just felt lazy to connect the charger. Hehe. XD XD XD


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Thursday, 8 November 2012

First Post! ^^

Hey there! I'm sorry to say that this blog will not be up and running YET for a few weeks. I'm still a student you see and currently sitting for my AS exam. Huhu.... TT____TT

Anyway, this is a blog I created especially to post my stories. So, you can bet that this blog will only be filled with stories, stories and more stories. Haha! XD You can say this is a secondary blog in which it's sole purpose is to contain ALL of the stories I've ever written.

The stories are of course either purely fanmade or purely written out of my own wild and crazy imagination. Haha! XD Yes, I love to write, it is just my circumstance that does not permit me at the moment. When I get the chance, I'll post as much stories as I can! Haha! XD

I'm currently working on three stories. One story being the story that me and my friends take turns writing a chapter. It's FUN! Hehe. XD And the other two are stories I made up myself. I'm planning on writing other stories as well, but I need to tidy up the plot line, the setting, the characters and such first. It's all here in my noggin'. Hehe. ^^ Anyhow, you get the point right? Please forgive me if I somehow anger you or anything.

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